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What’s Happening in Today’s Florida Real Estate Market?

Florida has some of the most improving housing markets in the country, largely a reflection of more borrowers becoming current on their mortgage payments as the local employment picture improves and house prices rebound. The real estate market in most parts of the state is truly thriving. It’s turned into a seller’s market due to…
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Supply & Demand in Jacksonville Florida

I've been a commercial real estate broker in two metropolitan markets for over thirty years. I've experienced three (3) downturns in the marketplace prior to this one ( 2008-present day is the worse). The phenomenon happening in Jacksonville and many other "second tier cities" is something I've never seen. The downturn of construction in all…
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Jacksonville Real Estate Company Helps America’s Heroes

This Veterans Day we are shining light on one real estate company that served a veteran and his family in an outstanding way: Navy to Navy Homes of Jacksonville, Florida. Navy to Navy Homes’ owner, Mario Gonzalez is today’s guest blogger sharing an important story proving his company’s philosophy that no good deed is too small…
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How TRID Changed My Business

In the months leading to TRID implementation I heard many fears of how bad it was going to be after October 3rd.  Closings would take 3 months or more.  Many title companies would close their doors because they could not meet the new standards.  Real Estate professionals would have difficulty keeping up with all the…
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