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Estativize Finds The Best Neighborhoods: Say Hello To San Francisco

It’s probably not a coincidence that the town that boasts the largest population of people with Bachelor’s degrees is also the location of the most prominent tech scene in the U.S.  This could also be why San Francisco is a popular area for millennials. It is a great place for sports enthusiasts with several pro…
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Is Flipping Houses in Today’s Market a Good Idea?

Before the real estate bubble a lot of people were flipping houses. Do people still make money flipping houses? If you take a look at HGTV it seems like every other show is about flipping properties. It makes you think that this type of investing could be as lucrative as it once was. For the…
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Get to Know the New Craze: Tiny Houses

In the past decade, more and more people have been trying to downsize and simplify their lives. Everything from getting rid of gas guzzling SUVs and huge refrigerators,  people are taking steps to make their carbon footprints smaller. You’ve heard of baby steps, but what about Tiny Houses? When I first saw one, I had…
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Liven Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces

The backyard. It’s a must-have for some and a could-do-without for others. Whether your backyard is a huge space or a smaller patch of happiness, have you ever thought of creating an outdoor ‘living space’? You don’t have to fill the area with concrete to create what can become basically another ‘room’ in (or out…
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