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Why Your Financial Plan Is Bigger Than You

You never thought it would happen, but at some point, you might decide it’s time to retire. And when you do, you’ll want to have a strong retirement plan in place. The big story in financial planning has been and will continue to be affording retirement, which makes sense with the retirement of tens of…
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Estativize Visits: Mobile, Alabama, Charming Gateway to the Gulf Coast

If you like Southern hospitality, Mobile, Ala., might be the place for you to visit — or even consider calling home. The city has distinctive museums, antebellum mansions, Civil War sites, towering canopies of majestic moss-draped oaks that line the architectural districts, and the city’s fascinating eight National Register Historic Districts. Gently mingling into the…
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Targeting Where the Single Crowd Lives: Top Real Estate Locales

Realtors seeking new clients in 2016, listen up. Wondering if Los Angeles the best place to live if you are single? How about Dallas? Maybe Phoenix? What’s the worst place for singles? New York? Detroit? You might be surprised by the answer, thanks to a new survey. And if you are thinking of targeting singles…
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Longevity: Why What You Think You Know About Aging is Wrong

Are you as young as you feel? How’s your attitude toward aging? Have you stopped acknowledging your birthday after 29 or do you still feel like you can do it all? Are you still working to your full capacity? Basically, your attitude when you’re young — how you think and feel about yourself and the…
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