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Targeting Where the Single Crowd Lives: Top Real Estate Locales

Realtors seeking new clients in 2016, listen up. Wondering if Los Angeles the best place to live if you are single? How about Dallas? Maybe Phoenix? What’s the worst place for singles? New York? Detroit? You might be surprised by the answer, thanks to a new survey. And if you are thinking of targeting singles…
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Be Rookie of the Year with Listing Power Tools™

You just graduated from real estate school. What seemed so clear and easy to implement in class just a few weeks ago suddenly isn’t so simple. As a newbie to the real estate game, you’ve no doubt pinpointed the competition and know all of their stats—or at least you should have by now. It’s in…
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How to Improve Your “Brand” This Year

What’s in a name? A lot. “Perhaps more than in any other time in history, in 2016, your name is your brand,” says Pamela J. Green, a business and branding expert. “I think most of us get this concept. We live in a celebrity-obsessed society, so we understand how a person’s name can also be…
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