5 Articles to Read Before Listing Your Home

5 Articles to Read Before Listing Your Home

I am a planner. I’m all about researching and knowing every aspect about a project before I officially dive into it. My pre-planning can seriously cut down on stress during the process and save valuable time. This process is highly advisable when you’re taking on the project of listing your house for sale. Before you consider hiring a real estate agent, sit down and read through these articles to

  1. How to Choose Your Listing Agent – Choosing an agent takes more than just jumping to contacting the first realtor ad you see, and reading this article by Michelle Lerner made me realize that taking time to choose the right agent can save me the hassle of choosing the wrong one. There are many aspects that go into finding the perfect realtor. Keep in mind, hiring a friend may be a quick and easy solution, but you need to carefully choose them for the job based on several criteria. Lerner includes several incredibly helpful questions to should ask during an interview with an agent you may not have considered.
  2. 5 Easy Fixes Before You List Your Home – This article highlights the superficial issues you should fix before you list your house. It’s a concise list that includes ideas on how to address main areas of concern. curb appeal, cleaning, decluttering, wall color, and kitchen and bath. It’s a good place to start for a general idea of what to do to prepare your house for sale.
  3. Set an Asking Price That’s Right – Before you officially list your home, make sure you have a ballpark figure of you home’s price range to set an asking price. It can be tricky trying to decide on the perfect number, but this article goes through what to research and what to consider when narrowing down a number.
  4. So, You Started a Bidding War. How Do You Pick the Best Offer? – Once you have actually listed your house and start getting offers, it is best to have a plan on how to decide which offer to go with. It can be difficult for first time seller to know what to look for in an offer and this article breaks it down for you. Instead of making a rash decision in the heat of the moment, read through this article first to prepare yourself to accept the right offer.
  5. How to Get Millennial Agents (and Clients) On Your Team – Regardless of your age, it’s likely at some point in the selling process you will need work with a millennial. Now, for some this isn’t a hard feat, but other may need a better understanding of a generation raised on tech. You could be selling your property to someone from this generation and understanding what they are looking for in a property can help you close the deal.

Now that you have devoured some reading material, the task of listing your house hopefully isn’t as daunting. With the newly gained knowledge of the steps leading up to a sell, you will be more prepared to sell your home for the best price to the right buyer.

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