Closing Gifts Your Clients Will Love

Closing Gifts Your Clients Will Love

Closing gifts your clients will love

You’ve completed the hardest part which is actually selling the house. Now it is time to tap into your creativity and spend a bit of time on determining the perfect closing gift for each new homeowner.

As tempting as it may be to buy a gift card and call it a day, this is the final time you will make an impression for this one transaction, so make sure it is a good one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something to show how thoughtful you are. Here are some ideas for closing gifts that are easy to put together and are sure to leave an impression.

Cleaning supplies - One of the first things I like to do when I move into a new place is clean. This involves having to lug all my old cleaning stuff to my new place, but then having to drag it back to clean my old place once I'm finally moved out. It's such a hassle. A good and useful closing gift is a basket full of cleaning supplies. Everything is new so the owners won't have to worry about purchasing more, and they'll be able to keep the old supplies at their old place to clean that up as well. It's a gift they will actually use and appreciate. Put everything in a cute basket that can be used throughout the home.

Home journal – This is kinda genius. When you just settle into your new home, there's so much new information you have to remember. Trying to get a new address memorized is hard enough, not to mention all the other stuff that comes along with being a new homeowner. To make it easier on them, compile all of the information they could possibly need into one book. This keeps all important info in one area, gives them the info that they didn't already have and encourages a well-organized future. Even if there are aspects that you don't know, such as finances, create an area for them to use so that they can continue to use only the one book for all their house information. Sure it's not as pretty as flowers or as delicious as cookies, but it will get a crazy amount of use and people will be so thankful.

Personalized gifts - Use your creativity to make something unique for your clients that they'll never forget. There are endless home decor items that can be personalized. It will show that you put thought and time into the gift and that it is special to them. If the property is large and unique, a painting of the property would be beautiful. If your client is more into monograms or typography, consider a welcome mat with the last name printed across with a cute saying. Even a simple sign to hang up outside the house would be memorable and useful.

Moving day survival kit - Moving is rough, point blank. Try to make that easier by throwing everything they could possibly need in one basket. Start with a few water bottles or Gatorade to keep them hydrated and a couple protein or granola bars to keep their energy up. A random, but completely necessary, tool is a door stopper — moving furniture with a door always closing on you is not only annoying but can be dangerous. So many things can happen during moving so include a first aid kit, just in case. To help them postpone a trip to the grocery store, make sure to put a few rolls of toilet paper and paper towels.

Food basket - You really can't go wrong with food. Whether you're an awesome cook or you're awesome at ordering food, people will love it. And there's all kinds of food baskets. Cookies are always good because they come in multiple flavors and are affordable. An edible arrangement is a healthier alternative to a sweet treats basket for those that are more health conscious. Even cupcakes would be a really good option. If anything involving a kitchen just isn’t your thing, consider getting a gift card to a nearby restaurant so the new owners don't have to cook on their first night.

Hopefully this helps cut some of the stress of trying to pick the perfect closing gift. This is the final way that you will be able to show off your care for your clients and your knowledge of the business. With one of these gifts, they will be sure to think of you for any future real estate endeavors and make sure to pass your name around to friends and family.

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