How to AVOID an Office Holiday Party Mistake

How to AVOID an Office Holiday Party Mistake

The holidays — a time of goodwill and forgiveness, of sweet-smelling pine and kiss-inducing mistletoe, of fine wines and high calorie treats.

Let’s be honest though; there are one or two REALLY annoying things about the festive season, right? The relatives you’ve never met, who you’re forced to give up your bed for. The shopping centers crammed with aggressive shoppers, the happy tunes you can’t get out of your head, and of course, the often-dreaded office Christmas party.

Who wants to spend excessive amounts of festive playtime with the same people you see 9 to 5, 365 days of the year in the office? But who knows, you might actually have some fun. Just don’t have TOO MUCH fun!

To help you survive your holiday get-together without being fired, here are some quick dos and don’ts if you’re headed to a holiday party this season:

Don’t hog (or hug) your boss. Yes, you are hoping for a promotion or a raise, but a holiday party is not the time to corner your boss. He/she will want to mingle with everyone and most likely won’t want to talk shop.

Do mingle. We all know we would rather be someplace else – anyplace but with the work crowd during your off time, but be sure to at least make it look like you are having fun.

Do stay away from gossip. Remember alcohol and gossip definitely doesn’t mix. If you tend to be loose-lipped when you have a cocktail or two, be sure to keep your opinions to yourself.

Don’t leave too early. You might want to dine and dash, but if you leave too early you’ll look like you’re anything but a team player. Don’t leave as soon as you arrive; stay for at least an hour or so.

Do dance, but nothing funky. The key is to have fun, get up and boogie, but no twerking or dirty dancing.

Don’t call in sick the next day. Even though your head might be banging and the last thing you want to do is sit at your desk all day or attend a meeting, force yourself in and at least make an appearance.

Do stay away from social media. While it may seem funny to take a few selfies and/or group shots the day/night of the party acting like an idiot, no employee or colleague will be happy to see themselves tying one on or dribbling the next day or across all the social media circuits.

Do dress accordingly and appropriately. Ladies, while you might want to showcase your assets, an office party is not the place to do it. Follow the dress code and don’t defer. Gentlemen, it also means no polo shirts or shorts unless it’s a beach-themed party!

All in all, it’s important to have fun and enjoy yourself. However, make sure you abide by at least some of these tips above. Remember, you do have to work alongside these folks!

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