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Communicating with Clients: 3 Different Ways

If you’ve been in the real estate business for a while then you know that your clients can be as different as the listings you show them. Finding the right method to communicate is extremely important from the inception of building a professional relationship. Failing to communicate properly with clients in the way they find…
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Getting to the Surface with a House Underwater

A House Underwater. A term that has been used for quite a while, but more recently has become a larger issue, garnering much attention. When a house is underwater, its value is significantly lower than the money that is still owed on the establishment.  When this occurs, there is little desire to even pay the…
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Debt Induced Buyer Woes

Housing has been all over the news.  You cannot go more than five minutes without hearing about a pending housing bubble burst on one hand, but then hear a few minutes later that the housing market is recovering.  How can both be true? While experts love to try and push both points forward, there is…
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