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8 Business Apps You Should Consider For 2016

I admit it. I’m an app-aholic. To be fair, I love anything that helps me to be more efficient, and there are several apps that make that happen. I am always looking for new and better ways of streamlining tasks to shave off time I’m spending doing what has to be done, to allow more…
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Ways to Reprogram Yourself for Success in 2016

Some people start each day with an early morning workout. Others opt for a cup of strong coffee and a donut. But how about just breathing? “Everyone knows that people are creatures of habit,” says wellness expert Scott Morofsky, author of The Daily Breath: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time and Wellativity: In-Powering…
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Tips For Becoming a Stronger Leader in 2016

Habits can be a trap for people in leadership positions, whether they are working at a job or for themselves. As leaders, they should provide a compelling vision that inspires those around them. Instead, many lapse into automatic and mindless thinking, which can affect every decision they make – as well as the actions of…
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How to AVOID an Office Holiday Party Mistake

The holidays — a time of goodwill and forgiveness, of sweet-smelling pine and kiss-inducing mistletoe, of fine wines and high calorie treats. Let’s be honest though; there are one or two REALLY annoying things about the festive season, right? The relatives you’ve never met, who you’re forced to give up your bed for. The shopping centers…
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