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10 Business Quotes From Very Successful People (Pay Attention!)

There is power in words. Especially if those words come from powerful and successful people. Here are 10 business quotes from some of the most accomplished people. The words of people who have been wherever it is you are today. Feel free to download them, share them, or commit them to memory. More importantly, mull…
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Think Outside the Box when Making Friends, Looking for Clients

As a Realtor, you might want to think about looking outside the box for potential clients and friends. In fact, author Kevin Moody says it’s wise to spend time with those who are different from your usual circles. According to several studies, given the choice, many of us prefer the company of those who share…
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Keeping the Mind Sharp; Key to Biz Success?

As we get older, we also start to lose our memories and our sharpness, right? While this notion is widespread, it’s also untrue that the mind deteriorates with age, say two doctors. With more than 55 years of combined experience in the fields of neuroscience and psychiatry, Drs. Henry Emmons, M.D., and David Alter, Ph.D.,…
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How Keeping Abreast of New Office Technology Can Help Business

Rapidly changing technology can be a headache for business leaders, whether they are executives or small business owners like Realtors. Bottom-line: Businesses periodically need to upgrade or replace computer systems, or risk falling behind. “One thing companies need to remember is, as the capabilities of technology continue to rise, so do the expectations of their…
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