Estativize Finds The Best Neighborhoods: Say Hello To Austin!

Estativize Finds The Best Neighborhoods: Say Hello To Austin!

Estativize Finds The Best Neighborhoods: Say Hello To Austin!

Since Forbes named it the 2nd fastest growing city in the United States, we haven’t been able to get Austin, Texas out of our minds. Apparently, we weren’t alone. The last couple of years have seen a huge growth in population and an increasing amount of interest nationwide in this the nation's eleventh largest city. In a predominantly conservative state, Austin attracts a younger, more liberal group of people who enjoy the outdoors and anything artistic. With over 100 places to hear live music, it’s been dubbed “Live Music Capital of the World.” What’s not to love? You might want to have your bags ready. After reading this, you might want to move to Austin, Texas very soon.


Downtown is where you will want to be if you like living near all the action. This area boasts the ritziest restaurants, bars, and towering apartment buildings all within walking distance. The ever-growing population requires constant construction of new housing. Buying a condo in this area will set you back a minimum of  $300,000 and as much as $1 million. Looking to be close but not in the middle of it all? Just outside of downtown, you will find multiple suburbs that are close enough to enjoy city life while offering expansive manicured lawns and the nicest houses in town.


Hyde Park is home to the historic part of Austin, located north of downtown. This neighborhood has maintained its old-timey charm through Victorian-style homes and picturesque bungalows, with a community wide effort to preserve the look. Located close to the University of Texas, you’ll find a nice mix of families and students creating a nice diversity in the neighborhood. Creative types and young professionals flock here for the quirky shops scattered around. While the range of house prices here are pretty much the same as downtown, you will find more listings on the closer side ofo$300,000 than $1 million and you get more space for your money.


Circle C is considered southwest Austin, provides you the feel of country living with only a 10-20 minute drive to downtown. In Circle C you will find less concrete and more large pieces of land. If outdoor is your goal, you will love find ample activities – tennis, golf, swimming pools, and the Veloway (Austin’s bicycle track). And don’t miss the Lady Bird Wildflower Center. This is the neighborhood for you if being active is your goal. It’s a nice combination of families and retirees settling down in this area. Buying property here will cost you around $400,000 and you’ll get a bit more to show for it.


North Loop has recently become one of the most desired neighborhoods in Austin. This area was once known as a bit edgy. The streets are lined with brightly colored houses built in World War II as well as newer condos and apartments. This is where eclectic lives – vintage shops, tattoo shops, and multiple music store that not only sell records but repair instruments too. You won’t have to make the drive to downtown unless you really want to, there are lots of food and coffee joints. This fun town with its large spread of fun establishments, makes it a great place for students and young families choose to call it home. The price is right too, housing prices in North Loop is the lowest of the featured neighborhoods, coming in at an average $320,000.


Even though Austin, Texas is located in the southwest, it’s not a cowboy town. This city has developed into a diverse, eccentric, fun area,  perfect for anyone who wants to keep the warmer winters while expand their horizons beyond the conventional southern experience. With a moderately priced housing market and a unique combination of cultures, this city has something for everyone. Sign us up!

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