Estativize Finds The Best Neighborhoods: Say Hello To Denver

Estativize Finds The Best Neighborhoods: Say Hello To Denver


Denver is known for its laid-back and welcoming community. Even with several neighborhoods in this city, each one incites a strong sense of community. Chances are if you decided to move to Denver, you are looking for a unique and diverse experience. Many neighborhoods will offer that, but the most important thing is finding one that vibes well with you. Here’s the rundown on a few of the more well-known areas.


Capitol Hill is smack dab in the middle of Denver. This neighborhood is known for its mix huge mansions as well as new condos and apartments, creating a diverse and young crowd. The good thing about this hood, is that there is a home to fit  every price range and streets full of grocery shops and restaurants. No wonder many people love to call this place home. Several  tourist attractions are found in this area lending to a bit of griminess, creating the perfect urban vibe. If you’re involved in the LGBT or punk community, then this area is for you! Properties here usually run $650,000 but there is more diverse housing in that price range as compared to other neighborhoods.


Country Club is just south of downtown and where you’ll find a lot of wealthy families. Compared to the other quirky neighborhoods, Country Club is pretty tame. The next area over is Cherry Creek where you can drive over for some good food and shopping then drive home to your quiet, peaceful area of town. Because this is the ritzy part of Denver, owning a home here will cost you a hefty  $1.7 million.


Highlands is northwest of downtown and boasts beautiful Victorian and Tudor style homes as well as newer more contemporary houses and apartments to make room for all the new people. This is the largest neighborhood in Denver and is quickly becoming the new ‘it’ place to live. This area has a great ethnic history, with Italian and Mexican immigrants’ influences still seen throughout the shops and churches. Made up of three distinct areas, this neighborhood has something to offer for everyone. In Highlands Square, boutiques and local shops line the streets next to bungalow-style houses. Move over to Tennyson Street and you’ll find art galleries galore. Enjoy the great outdoors? Look no further! This neighborhood has three large parks to handle all of your outdoor activities. Buying a cute, renovated bungalow in this neighborhood will set you back $660,000.


Rino, or  River North Art District, is located just north of downtown. The community is dedicated to their nickname and even use a rhino as their official insignia. That’s how quirky and creative this area is. All sorts of creative type  businesses call this neighborhood their own, from designers and painters, to architects and furniture makers. The colorful community creates a nice juxtaposition with the industrial exterior of the buildings. Rino is easily accessible from all areas of the city, perfect for bicycles or buses. If you’re a foodie, this is your heaven. The best restaurants are located here and there are constantly new ones popping up. To call this lively neighborhood home will cost you around $590,000.


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