Estativize Finds The Best Neighborhoods: Say Hello To Seattle!

Estativize Finds The Best Neighborhoods: Say Hello To Seattle!

Estativize Finds The Best Neighborhoods: Say Hello To Seattle!

Most of my favorite things come from Seattle – Jimi Hendrix, Starbucks coffee, grunge music. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Surrounded on at least two sides by water, Seattle offers a unique culture and some of the best water activities. With lots of great neighborhoods to choose from, I tried to pick the happiest areas that will appeal to all kinds of people.


Ballard is home to the cool kids. This unique and diverse neighborhood is crawling with 20-somethings and young families. Located in northwest Seattle, this area is home to lots of good public schools and plenty of parks and playspaces. Family living is easy here with an endless list of activities. Some of the best bars, restaurants, and coffee shops are sprinkled throughout, as well as a movie theater, rock climbing, and beautiful beach access. Seattle’s growing  music scene means that live music can be found almost everywhere adding even more to the artistic community. There are a ton of multiple apartment complexes and single family homes, but buying a home here might be tough. The popularity of this little piece of heaven makes it a bit of a reach. Expect to pay around $450,000 in this neighborhood and when you find the perfect home make sure to move quickly.


Capitol Hill is home to Seattle’s mansion row. Most of the large houses live along this stretch. If you can’t afford a mansion, drive by and look at all of the pretty houses and let’s move on. While these are family friendly neighborhoods – there are several areas that offer an edgy flair. But if nightlife is what you’re looking for, this may not be your scene. Mansions not included, a single-family home will set you back $570,000 in this trendy neighborhood.


Queen Anne is within walking distance of downtown Seattle and has its own attractions to offer. An educated,tight-knit community, interested in making the area better, is what you’ll find here.  Plenty of children running around the vegetable booths at the farmer’s market every week as well as a neighborhood newspaper make the area a quaint spot. As with most big cities, anywhere near downtown is going to be expensive. Homes in this area rise to a steep $750,000 - $900,000. If that’s a bit too much for your budget, take a look at Lower Queen Anne. With a wealth of theaters, opera, and ballet, you’ll find a younger median age and a funkier vibe. Buying a home still provided a great downtown location but cut the price to a mere $550,000.


West Seattle is for those who don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of a large city. The heart of this neighborhood is a lively business district, surrounded by relaxed and beautiful streets and sights. You’ll find many salt water beaches and parks, as well as gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains to the west, and the Cascade Range to the east. Chill, young people live here, with or without families, and enjoy a calmer lifestyle. The backyards are extensive, as are the views. They also get a little more bang for their buck with prices as low as $350,000.

With so much to offer in music, food, outdoors activities, and a laid back atmosphere, Seattle is the place to be. Invest in an umbrella and pack your bags. Don’t mind me as I curl up with a cup of coffee while I read a book and listen to the gentle pitter patter of rain drops, and dream of living across the country.

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