6 Secrets of a Successful Move

6 Secrets of a Successful Move

Moving to a new home, regardless of the circumstances, tends to be stressful for everyone. For most people, home represents a place of serenity where they can unwind, recharge and prepare for the challenges life presents. It’s no wonder then, that uprooting from home can be not only physically taxing but also mentally and emotionally draining. There are countless things to consider and the process can become somewhat chaotic if you don’t take the time to properly plan ahead. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, heavy lifting will definitely still be required. But here are six secrets for moving success that will make the day a little lighter.

1. Downsize

Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye. But getting rid of household items you don’t absolutely love or need, will allow you to clear up space for items in your new home that will actually be utilized. Especially when moving to a smaller home or apartment, every square foot counts, so keep this in mind when deciding on what to take with you. Remember to ask everyone in your family to go through their own possessions so that nothing is overlooked or accidentally thrown away. Once everything is compiled that doesn’t make the move cut, search for local groups or organizations you may be able to donate old books, clothes, toys and furniture to.

2. A temporary base

Chances are you’ll need to spend time in your new space before you’re fully moved in for things like cable installation, getting utilities set up and other odds and ends. Similarly, you’ll be spending the majority of your time at your old house as you try to get everything packed, cleaned and ready to move. A great idea is to set up a temporary living space in both places as you transition spaces so you’re never stuck in either space without the necessities. A sofa bed, small desk, toiletries and a few dishes should be enough get you to moving day.

3. Errand day

The day of your move you only want to have to worry about actually moving. Deciding on an errand day or two ahead of time will help cut down on the already long to do list. You can use this day to do things like going to the post office to set up mail forwarding, renting a storage unit or dropping off unwanted items at Goodwill. Taking care of these errands before your big moving day will make the transition from old house to new house easier.

4. Boxes, Bags and Bubble Wrap

Depending on the amount of items you have to move, being well organized and well stocked with packing supplies helps to speed up the process. Labeling each box with its contents will help you to know what goes in what box and will assist the movers in knowing where to put boxes in your new place when they’re unpacking the moving truck. Additional items you may want to pick up are scissors, moving tape and markers for labeling.

5. Take inventory

Compiling a list of how many boxes you have and your most valuable possessions will be most helpful when unpacking. Referencing your list once the boxes are unloaded and subsequently unpacked, will allow you to make sure you have everything you’ve packed. If any items are missing you’ll know immediately and can take the proper steps to recover all of your belongings.

6. Ask for help

A few weeks prior to your moving day, call up friends and family to ask for their assistance with moving to your new place. Putting together a moving day schedule will give them an opportunity to volunteer an allotted amount of time, for example two hours to help pack or unpack the moving truck, as opposed to giving up their whole day to your move. Make sure you’ve handled the more tedious tasks before they arrive as most of your friends and family won’t want to help you pack but are more than willing to help you move. Offering to make dinner at your new place or taking them out to a movie are great ways to show your appreciation and say thank you.

Ultimately moving to a new home is an exciting event that means a fresh start in a new neighborhood, city or country. Using the time before your moving day to get yourself organized and well prepared will give you and your family the opportunity to minimize moving day stress and focus on what really matters, enjoying your new home!

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