Jacksonville Real Estate Company Helps America's Heroes

Jacksonville Real Estate Company Helps America’s Heroes

This Veterans Day we are shining light on one real estate company that served a veteran and his family in an outstanding way: Navy to Navy Homes of Jacksonville, Florida.

Navy to Navy Homes’ owner, Mario Gonzalez is today’s guest blogger sharing an important story proving his company’s philosophy that no good deed is too small to help someone in need.

Join us in honoring our veterans and celebrate today by sharing Mario’s story.

Navy to Navy Homes Helps Military Veteran Waiting for Liver Transplant

Earlier this year my company Navy to Navy was approached by retired Air Force veteran Master Sargent (MSgt) Thomas Quinn, who was on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Quinn’s health was fading fast. He was trying to relocate to Jacksonville in effort to be closer to the Mayo Clinic where transplant possibilities provided his only chance of survival. Liver transplants are extremely volatile with a short window of time from when a liver becomes available to when it can be transplanted. MSgt Quinn lived too far from the clinic to have a reasonable chance of receiving a liver transplant in time. Moving to Jacksonville seemed to be his only way to improve his odds.

MSgt Quinn and his sister, his caregiver, were unable to find short-term housing in Jacksonville. They had limited funds and could not commit to a standard 12 month lease agreement. Other real estate companies would not rent under such terms, the family’s hopes of moving to Jacksonville were diminishing quickly. When Navy to Navy heard of their situation, we immediately sprang into action to find a solution. My team at Navy to Navy and I found them a home, negotiated flexible terms for the contract and moved the Quinns into their new condo. Just a few minutes away from the clinic, this home was an an answer to the Quinn’s prayers.

After the pair had lived in the condo for a few months, they informed Navy to Navy MSgt Quinn's health was deteriorating quickly. He may not survive another month. The family would most likely be ending their lease under the worst possible conditions. It was a heavy time for everyone involved, including my staff at Navy to Navy who’d begun to develop a fond relationship with MSgt Quinn and his sister.

MSgt Thomas Quinn is an amazing person. Despite his condition, he always brightens up the office with his smile and shares some great stories. It was really difficult for my team and I to see him fade so quickly.

Late one evening, the phone call MSgt Quinn had been waiting for finally came: a suitable liver was at the Mayo Clinic and they asked if he could get there immediately. Thanks to the convenience of the family’s living arrangements, he arrived moments later and as a result, MSgt Quinn received an ultimately lifesaving liver transplant.

When MSgt Quinn called my office after the transplant, he expressed his gratitude for the role the company played in saving his life. We got goosebumps because we realized we were witnesses to a true miracle. It's humbling knowing we could play a small role in transforming the lives of one of America's heroes.

For more information on how Navy to Navy Homes can help your servicemen and women, friends, or family find a home in the Jacksonville area visit www.navytonavy.com and don’t forget to connect on Facebook.

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