Bigger Ain’t Better: Why the Small House Trend is Here to Stay

Bigger Ain’t Better: Why the Small House Trend is Here to Stay

What you lose in square footage, you gain in everything else.

I'll admit it—I'm the first person to turn into a pile of Pinterest-inspired goo at the mention of a tiny house. The shelving alternatives! The storage opportunities! The lofted beds! While I’ll concede that not everyone gets hot-and-bothered at the idea of organizing and decorating a tiny home, I’ll argue that the small house trend certainly has benefits for every millennial buyer.

  1. Less expensive. By virtue of being smaller, these homes are cheaper to purchase. And, in case you couldn’t guess, smaller furniture for your smaller space also comes with a smaller price tag. Which leads to…
  2. Less debt. Just thinking about your student loans gets your eye twitching, right? It can be hard to imagine owning a home on today’s budget, particularly when every new development seems full of identical McMansions. But investing in a small house is much less daunting and more personal.
  3. Easier to maintain. Yes, “cheaper” is a theme here. Smaller homes are less expensive to maintain when it comes to all that upkeep. If you had to replace all the siding on your house, think about how much less you would need! Less time + less resources + less money = more fun. (This math might be bogus, but trust me.)
  4. Easier to clean. Send home your [imaginary] maid. You got this.
  5. Environmentally friendly (ish). Your heating and cooling bills will be lower, at the very least. But a smaller home will also use fewer resources to build and to maintain.
  6. Less clutter. Purging some belongings is necessary before moving into a smaller space. If you don’t want to give up your things, just watch an episode of Hoarders and you’ll start quickly throwing everything away.
  7. Less accumulation. If you don’t have anywhere to put the stuff you buy, you probably won’t buy it. How often were you going to use that home gym anyways? Go outside! You can probably afford a yard now!
  8. More family time. Did you buy your house so that your kids could be sent to their room without dinner? No, you want to bond as a family. A smaller living space leads to more social interaction.
  9. Less decorating (or, more innovative decorating). If window treatments don’t get your goat, fear not, because there’s far less to decorate in a tiny house. Or, if you’re like me, the idea of decorating with limited resources sets your mind aflutter with ideas for flooring and light fixtures and furniture – oh my!

If that doesn’t sway you to the benefits of tiny house living, then here’s my last-ditch effort to convince you. Look how pretty!

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