Get Your Home Autumn Listing Ready?

It’s Not Too Early To Get Your Home Autumn Listing Ready

It’s Not Too Early To Get Your Home Autumn Listing Ready


Did you miss the window to get your property listed in time to for spring? While, spring is considered to be the best time for selling a house, it’s not too early to plan for the fall.

Online house shopping has become easier and popular. It used to be that a busy fall schedule, getting the kids back to school etc. made looking for a home more difficult. Job relocations and lease expirations mean that people are always looking to buy. Autumn may not be considered prime selling time like the Spring, but with less competition your home may stand out.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that experiences all four seasons,  Mother Nature may help you with the curb appeal. The cool, crisp air blowing fallen burnt orange leaves across the setting sun – it can’t get much more picturesque than that.

But just in case you need a little more help, here are some tips to get your home ready to list for sale in the fall.


Curb Appeal

Make sure there is a clean, established walkway that is clear of all debris. Overgrown vegetation should be removed as well as anything dead. Make sure no plants, trees, or bushes are blocking windows, you want to make sure you get as much natural sunlight as possible with the shorter days of Autumn. Speaking of windows, make sure to give them a good cleaning.

Spruce up the walkway with some popular autumn flowers like mums and marigolds (in striking shades of yellow – a perfect home selling color), in large pots that line the walk up to your front door. In late September, add a few pumpkins for a fun fall motif.



If you live in a cooler climate and may need to turn on your heater before an open house, you’ll want to do that at least once prior so that smoky smells don’t overwhelm the space. Don’t forget to change out your furnace filter. Consider having the HVAC system checked out before you turn the heat on – most buyers will have the home inspector check the unit anyways and it is better to fix a problem before it goes on the market.

A crackling fire in a is a nice background during an open house. Make sure to clean it out first. If it’s not cool enough for a fire, arrange a few candlesticks in the hearth.


Indoor Accents

Now it’s time to spice up the interior – literally. The world has become obsessed with pumpkin spice and so should you. Pumpkin or apple scented candles are great for autumn. Light one in the kitchen and/or living room to create warmth in the most family-centered areas. If cooking is your forte, whip up some home baked chocolate cookies or a pumpkin pie. My favorite is stove top potpourri. In a saucepan, mix a cinnamon stick, nutmeg, vanilla, and any other favorite fall spices with water, and let it simmer. The house will smell divine!

Bright colors were for great for spring and summer, but it’s time to bring out some colors inside that reflect what is happening outside. Dark red throw pills with a mustard yellow blanket draped over the couch will give the room a warm feeling. Take the lemons out of your centerpiece and throw in different kinds of apples. Use real fallen leaves or flowers from your own front yard to decorate the foyer.

I know it’s difficult to think of this fall stuff when it’s ninety degrees outside and it may seem like I’m jumping the gun, writing about fall in the middle of summer. Not only am I a planner, but I’m in love with everything fall. What gets me through this intense summer heat is counting down the days until I can order a pumpkin spice latte. Go ahead and embrace summer, but if thinking about listing your home for a fall sell seems right, go for it!


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