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Study Finds Majority of Millennials Have $1,000 or Less in Savings Accounts

Often painted as the generation of entitlement, a recent study about Millennials — and their savings/spending habits — may add fuel to the fire. “Millennials, also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation, are the demographic cohort that directly follows Generation X,” says Pew Research. Millennials are projected to number 75.3 million for 2015,…
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Palm Springs: Much More than Golf Courses and Desert

If you thought Palm Springs, Calif., was nothing more than a boring desert city where golf courses and retirees abound, think again. A jewel among the desert cities, Palm Springs offers year-round sunshine and bright blue skies   making it a key destination for those who like the sun. Sure, it’s famous as the golf…
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Big Bear California: A Place for All Seasons

Whoever said it never rains or snows in California obviously never paid a visit to glorious Big Bear. Big Bear Lake, in Southern California's alpine mountain, is far from the stereotypical So Cal city. Even though it is a short drive from anywhere in the Southern California land, Big Bear Lake transports you into a…
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Estativize Visits Santa Monica, the Epitome of California’s Lifestyle

Sun, sand, movie stars. Santa Monica's crystal seaside and golden brown sandy beaches are the epitome of California living. Jetting from above, along scenic Ocean Avenue, Palisades Park gives a sweeping panoramic view of stunning natural beauty. Further igniting the excitement and energy of Santa Monica is the fresh salt air and ocean mists. The…
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