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Be Rookie of the Year with Listing Power Tools™

You just graduated from real estate school. What seemed so clear and easy to implement in class just a few weeks ago suddenly isn’t so simple. As a newbie to the real estate game, you’ve no doubt pinpointed the competition and know all of their stats—or at least you should have by now. It’s in…
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3 Social Media Marketing Predictions You Should Pay Attention To In 2016

It wowed, surprised, and intrigued us. Facebook hit 1 billion users in one day, while Periscope brought live streaming to the forefront. One of the biggest boons for social media this year was Google making changes to show the importance of social posting. All good stuff.    So what are the big predictions for social…
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Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Attracting New Listings Online

As a real estate agent, you don’t have the luxury of producing more of your product to match demand. Gaining new inventory can be difficult, especially if your niche is one of the growing markets featured in the “Estativize Finds the Best Neighborhoods” series. When supply is limited, it is up to you and your…
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Hello? It’s Google! Why You Need to Be on Google Plus

When Google+ (Plus)  first arrived on the scene a few years ago, there were many opinions regarding whether we “needed” another social media platform. I had lots of calls and inquiries from people wanting to know if they should get on board. Personally I thought it was an odd question. So my response was short,…
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