Recruit Brand Ambassadors for Your Real Estate Company

How to Recruit Brand Ambassadors for Your Real Estate Company

Strategically Recruit Promoters

Now you’ve got a solid website and you’re a social media rock star. People browsing the web know what you are saying about you. And that’s good. But it’s even better if other people have the same enthusiasm about your business.

Positive online reviews can be your greatest lead generator. I personally never purchase a product or service online without reading several reviews. There’s just something about getting the thumbs-up from an anonymous stranger on the internet that seems to alleviate buyer anxiety.

The best way to get reviews online is simply to ask for them.

Send a thank you email to clients after completing a sale and request that they submit a review online if they were satisfied with the experience. Include a link. I always recommend sending them to your Google My Business page. Star-ratings will appear in Google search results, which can have a huge impact on your lead generation.

A few other sites you might gather reviews on are Yelp, Better Business Bureau, your Facebook business page, Yellow Pages, and various other local directories.

Every time I discuss this topic, I get the same question and my answer is always the same: do not post fake reviews. Don’t have other people or businesses post fake reviews for you. It’s deceitful, it’s unethical, and it’s illegal. And although the probability of getting caught is rather low, the consequences of posting fake reviews can be severe. But none of this matters because you’re not that kind of real estate agent, right?

Getting links on local sites can also go a long way toward building brand awareness and domain authority. Participating in community clubs and events, or sponsoring them, is often all it takes. That and asking. You never know until you ask.

My favorite way of doing this is through Most of the groups on this site pay out of pocket for activities and club dues, so it doesn’t take much to get on their good side. If they have a website specific to their local group, ask for a link on their site in exchange for a few cases of beer. You might even meet a few new friends or clients!

Websites that end in .edu or .gov are particularly valuable in link building and SEO, so if you can sponsor a local school event in exchange for a link to your website, I highly recommend pursuing that opportunity.

Put it all together, and you have a comprehensive local SEO strategy that will drive more traffic to your website and produce more leads. Don’t expect results immediately, but if you implement these tactics effectively, they will certainly help build your business over time.

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