Why Every Marketing Plan Needs YouTube

Why Every Marketing Plan Needs YouTube

Real estate agents give me strange looks when I ask if they’ve published any videos YouTube.

“You know that I sell houses, not skateboards or cats, right?” their expressions often read. Usually they follow up with a comment about how video production is too expensive and less effective than other forms of advertising. It just doesn’t seem worthwhile.

I’ve heard this dozens of times before, so I counter with a question: don’t you think your marketing would benefit from a top ranking on the world’s second largest search engine? This sometimes leads to confusion.

“You mean like Bing or Yahoo?” they ask. But that’s not what I mean. With more than 3 billion monthly searches, YouTube is more popular than Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL…combined!

If you’re not producing YouTube content for your niche real estate market, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reach new clients.

The Benefits of Producing YouTube Content

I can’t blame real estate agents for being a bit skeptical about using YouTube to market their services. After all, most home buyers and sellers aren’t going to search a video sharing website for an agent, but that doesn’t mean that video content won’t attract them.

You may have noticed that Google will often display videos in search results, even when performing a simple web search instead of a video search. People won’t even need to search YouTube to discover your videos. If you have a video that uniquely addresses the questions or concerns of your target audience, you’ll be rewarded with top rankings on both YouTube and Google, the two largest search engines online!

Once your video has been discovered, users are far more likely to engage with and remember your video content than they would text-based content. The visual and auditory nature of videos creates a more comprehensive sensory experience, making it more memorable, and if you foster an emotional element to your videos, it becomes even more impactful. Then there’s the point that people just tend to prefer videos over text. Some research has shown that 60% of site visitors will watch a video before reading any text on the page. Uploading video content and embedding those videos on your website can prevent visitors from skimming paragraphs of text and instead engage them with effective messaging.

Years ago, video content may have been considered a purely top of the funnel marketing strategy, as it was very difficult to lead viewers to conversion and track return on investment. That is no longer the case. YouTube has a ton of great features that allow you to include a call to action, link to a landing page, and other conversion techniques as part of your videos.

How Agents Can Create Engaging Video Content

One of the most important things to remember is that people hate watching advertisements unless they are either hilarious, or emotionally charged. If you believe that you can accomplish either of those things with your video, then it’s okay to be explicitly promotional. However, you may find more success with a content marketing approach to video production. Create videos that inform viewers and offer solutions to their questions and concerns. This will establish you as an expert, a professional, and also an innovator if the videos are done well. Here a few ideas of how you might create videos that will appeal to your niche market:

  • A tour of particular neighborhoods, local parks and attractions in your area
  • DIY tutorial for staging a home for an open house or improving curb appeal
  • Commonly forgotten things to look at when attending an open house
  • How to calculate the cost of moving or home ownership
  • Interviews with residents to reveal some of the lesser-known benefits of a particular neighborhood
  • A look at the local holiday displays

When producing video content, ask yourself, “is this something that I would want to watch? Is it something that my clients would want to watch? Is it worth their time?” Your videos might not go viral, but if they address your niche market well, they can vastly improve your marketing efforts

Have you tried creating YouTube videos to showcase listings or attract new sellers? Leave your thoughts, comments, questions, and a link to your YouTube channel in the comments section below!

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