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Crafting the Perfect Holiday Message for Your Email Subscribers

The holiday season is upon us, and you have undoubtedly already begun to receive emails from all sorts of businesses touting their holiday sales and gift ideas. This is a bountiful season for retailers, but the real estate market typically undergoes a deep freeze at this time of year. This makes a purposeful holiday message…
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7 Illegal Email Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

You probably spend a lot of time thinking about messaging, open rates, bounce rates, and calls-to-action, but how often do you consider the legality of the emails you are sending to prospective or former clients? Even without any malicious intent, the messages you send to your marketing lists could land you in serious trouble if…
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Do Realtors Really Need Social Media?

Communicating in the 21st century has jumped by leaps and bounds. Alexander Graham Bell would be shocked to see how far his invention has actually come—and then some. In fact, most people today rarely use their landline phones and opt for that little contraption called the cellphone or smartphone to do just about everything from…
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Revive Cold Leads with 9 Words

The excitement of new leads can fade away pretty quickly when they fail to respond after initial contact. This happens fairly often, and even the best real estate agent will never see 100% of leads become clients. People change their minds, spot something else that piques their interest, and sometimes are just plain impatient. There’s…
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