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5 Tips for Buyers and Sellers to Get a House Sold Fast

A Southern California realtor offers important suggestions to get it done before you can say "S-O-L-D!" Home-Sweet-Home. Whether you are opting to sell or buy a home, there are a few important factors you might want to consider before jumping all in. And while these two actions might seem entirely different – and they are…
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Protecting Your Home Starts the Day You Move In

Common sense and assertiveness can ensure that the bad guys and other threats remain away from your home Every year, thousands of homes are broken into soon after home owners move into their new dream home because of careless behavior or ignorance. Following basic rules of thumb and common sense can help you keep your…
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10 (11) Movies About Real Estate You’ll Want To See Again

There are lots of reasons to watch movies. And there are a lot of movies to be watched. You may have seen some of these real estate related movies and if you have, they are worth another look see. So pull out the modem and dial up Netflix or visit your local Redbox or prime…
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Why Real Estate is the Perfect Career for Millennials

It’s no secret that millennials are on the move in terms of real estate purchasing power. Last year marks the second consecutive year that millennials were the largest segment of homebuyers across the country, and their influence in the real estate market shows no signs of slowing (NAR). While real estate has not been touted…
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