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The 20 Things You Need To Be Doing On LinkedIn Now

LinkedIn is an important tool in your marketing strategy. Or is it? If not, you might want to take a look at this previous article . If you are taking advantage of this platform, are you getting a good ROI on your investment of time, energy, and money? Would you like to generate more leads…
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Estativize Finds the Best Neighborhoods: Hello, Oregon’s Central Coast!

California isn’t the only place where you can take in a beautiful coastline. If you want to see spectacular landscapes and glorious coastline, make sure you also look along the central Oregon coast. In Lincoln County, the heart of the Oregon coast, rugged seascapes, isolated coves, and untouched tidepools abound. Strung like pretty pearls along…
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Supply & Demand in Jacksonville Florida

I've been a commercial real estate broker in two metropolitan markets for over thirty years. I've experienced three (3) downturns in the marketplace prior to this one ( 2008-present day is the worse). The phenomenon happening in Jacksonville and many other "second tier cities" is something I've never seen. The downturn of construction in all…
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