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3 Social Media Marketing Predictions You Should Pay Attention To In 2016

It wowed, surprised, and intrigued us. Facebook hit 1 billion users in one day, while Periscope brought live streaming to the forefront. One of the biggest boons for social media this year was Google making changes to show the importance of social posting. All good stuff.    So what are the big predictions for social…
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The 20 Things You Need To Be Doing On LinkedIn Now

LinkedIn is an important tool in your marketing strategy. Or is it? If not, you might want to take a look at this previous article . If you are taking advantage of this platform, are you getting a good ROI on your investment of time, energy, and money? Would you like to generate more leads…
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Is it Time to Become Your Own Boss?

Tired of punching a time clock? Answering to others? Maybe it’s time to set out on your own. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably given some thought to heading up your own real estate company, or possibly, purchasing a franchise. According to business consultant, Pete Gilfillan, it might not be a bad idea, since the…
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Supply & Demand in Jacksonville Florida

I've been a commercial real estate broker in two metropolitan markets for over thirty years. I've experienced three (3) downturns in the marketplace prior to this one ( 2008-present day is the worse). The phenomenon happening in Jacksonville and many other "second tier cities" is something I've never seen. The downturn of construction in all…
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Estativize On The Air