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How Keeping Abreast of New Office Technology Can Help Business

Rapidly changing technology can be a headache for business leaders, whether they are executives or small business owners like Realtors. Bottom-line: Businesses periodically need to upgrade or replace computer systems, or risk falling behind. “One thing companies need to remember is, as the capabilities of technology continue to rise, so do the expectations of their…
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Improve Conversions with Strong Landing Pages

How is a Landing Page Different from Any Other Page? I’m a big proponent of the idea that every single page on your website should have one primary purpose. That purpose may be simply to inform the visitor of who you are and what you offer, or to work a prospect further through the sales…
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A Quick Guide to Remarketing for Real Estate Agents

Most people don’t decide to buy or sell a home on a whim. Weeks, even months, can go into research, browsing, and financial planning before even contacting a real estate agent. As a result, the vast majority of people who visit your website won’t fill out a form or give you a call. This is…
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