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How Keeping Abreast of New Office Technology Can Help Business

Rapidly changing technology can be a headache for business leaders, whether they are executives or small business owners like Realtors. Bottom-line: Businesses periodically need to upgrade or replace computer systems, or risk falling behind. “One thing companies need to remember is, as the capabilities of technology continue to rise, so do the expectations of their…
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Technology in the Real Estate Industry is Here To Stay

I’m a big supporter of technology. I’ve been around it most of my life. When I was growing up my dad worked for the space program so computers and high level tech were a constant source of discussion and excitement. One of my favorite aspects of technology is that it lends itself to an increase…
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How to Apply the Latest Technology to Your Real Estate Business

Going high tech isn’t limited to just your smartphone and iPad. Nope. These days it pays to have the latest and greatest in high-tech gear. Today not only can you turn on the lights from a mile away with some of these gadgets, you can figure out the type of weather you will have that…
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Do Realtors Really Need Social Media?

Communicating in the 21st century has jumped by leaps and bounds. Alexander Graham Bell would be shocked to see how far his invention has actually come—and then some. In fact, most people today rarely use their landline phones and opt for that little contraption called the cellphone or smartphone to do just about everything from…
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