Applying the latest technology to real estate

How to apply the latest technology to the real estate business


Going high tech isn’t limited to just your smartphone and iPad.

Nope. These days it pays to have the latest and greatest in high-tech gear. Today not only can you turn on the lights from a mile away with some of these gadgets, you can figure out the type of weather you will have that same day too. From indoor weather stations to watches that can retrieve your email, some of the coolest home gadgets around can now help you do business or help a client live better.

Everyone from teachers to real estate agents are using these innovative high-tech devices to get what they need done in the course of a day and beyond.

High-tech consumer shows throughout the year, like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or the IFA in Germany, are where most of these new items are introduced to consumers.

As a realtor, you might want to hop on the new tech bandwagon and get “with it” as they say.

Latest at the Show

At this year’s IFA, there were a number of devices at the Germany-based consumer electronics trade show, including consumer-focused technology options like the latest in mobile and wearables smartphones, personal computers and more, according to a report on Any of these gadgets could help an agent work faster and more efficiently with their clients or on their own.

Wearables Watches

Thanks to Apple, millions are able to read their email and more on the new Apple Watch, which debuted earlier this spring. This is a great tech gizmo for realtors who are out and about showing a home or meeting with a client and don’t have access to their laptop. Look for many more wearables, like the Apple Watch, coming to the scene such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, according to the report.

Other popular tech devices that are wearable include sleep-trackers and fitness pieces like those from Fitbit. Both options are great for agents who want to keep track of all the steps they take during the day as well as their heart rate.


A definite must-have for realtors is a tablet – something small enough to carry around during the day but also large enough to be able to work on. Companies like Archos will be offering up the affordable 8-inch octa-core 4G slab called the Archos Diamond Tab, says the report.

But going high-tech isn’t limited to just your smartphone and iPad, it also extends to your home and/or a potential client’s home.

For example, the tech industry is forecasting that anything that lives in your home could very well be a target for “smartification.”

“Take some time and look at the electronics dotted around your home and even some of the analog hardware (door locks!) and start imagining how technology and connectivity could transform it for you,” the report says.

Weather Station

Check out the Netatmo Weather Station, which easily monitors the climate in a home. The Netatmo Station contains a unique set of sensors combining weather and air quality analysis. It wirelessly transmits to your iPhone data such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and CO2 concentration. Seamlessly measure, track and monitor your urban weather and environment, indoor and outdoor, at any time and from anywhere. Perfect for setting up Sunday open houses!

Nest Cam

Dropcam’s Nest Cam is a Wi-Fi camera and motion detector that detects motion and send alerts on a video clip. Nest Cam is designed to watch out for the home and your family – even when you can’t. With secure 1080p HD video streaming, advanced night vision, better activity alerts powered by Nest Aware, one app for all your Nest products and an all-new magnetic stand, Nest Cam helps you keep an eye on what matters from anywhere.

Neato Thermostat

Then there is the Neato Thermostat that can do a temperature check within 30 miles of the house. This innovative thermostat is programmed to heat up to 70 degrees. Nest is a learning thermostat, as it remembers what temperatures you like, creates a custom schedule for your home and automatically turns itself down when you’re away. No confusing programming or need to manually adjust the schedule with the change of seasons. The Nest Thermostat learns about you and your home to program itself and save energy, and it gets better over time thanks to regular software updates. While it automatically adapts to changes – sensing how long it takes to heat up or cool down your home and whether you’re home or away – it performs best when you teach it well.

More Smarthome

Years ago a “smart home” was considered to be a home that was wired for the future with Cat-5 and coaxial cable in each room that was on a back a panel in a closet somewhere. With the technology available today, homeowners can control virtually every part of their home, either while they are at home or from anywhere in the world with the help of apps made possible by Apple and Android, as well as the manufactures of today's home automation.

These new technologies allow you to control so much from turning on lighting from anywhere in the house to even turning lights off from your bed at night — it’s all a possibility.

With so many new and innovative high-tech gadgets available, there is no reason to be stuck in the “Dark Ages.”

As realtor active in today’s market and industry, any of these devices could help you run your business faster and more efficiently.

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