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5 Free Tools to Help You Prepare to Sell Your Home

5 Free Tools to help you prepare for Selling your Home So you have decided to sell your home. That’s about as far as you have gotten. Don’t fret. Thanks to the constantly evolving technological world, there are plenty of tools that can make this daunting task easier at no additional cost. Grab your smart…
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7 Tips to Managing Your Twitter Presence

With millennials relying so heavily on technology, it is imperative to a realtor’s success to take advantage of all social media platforms. In comparison to other platforms, Twitter may be more intimidating because of the lack of pictures as well as the tiny character limit. How do you achieve an effective Twitter presence in only…
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5 Photo Apps to Push Your Listing Images to the Next Level

Catching prospective buyers' attention is most often acheived with a listing photo.  A bad photo can turn buyers off from a property that otherwise matches their wish list. General rules of taking a good photo include keeping it high resolution, making it bright and light, and ensuring it is clear and crisp. The emerging market of millennial…
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Millennials Demand Digital for Home Buying

If you’re into real estate then you know by now that the industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented tech explosion. The big wigs Zillow, Trulia and Realtor have established themselves as leaders of the pack and will probably be around for years to come as they expand and find new, creative ways to reach and…
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