The Best Instagram Accounts for Real Estate

The Best Instagram Accounts for Real Estate

The Best Instagram Accounts for Real Estate

I is for Instagram and Instagram is for images. Who would’ve thought a digital platform for sharing pictures would have more than 150 million users just 5 years after launch? For people in the real estate industry, Instagram can be a powerful tool to not only present listing pictures, but to strengthen your brand voice and give your community an insider look on what really happens day to day at the office or at the networking events you all may attend. A simple search of #realestate on Instagram will return a plethora of pictures, but from the masses, we chose five of our favorite Instagram accounts who are doing Instagram for real estate right.

May Veronika Moen- Norway 

Experts say home sellers should consider hiring a professional photographer to photograph their listing photos. The Instagram account of May Veronika Moen proves this point without a doubt. The clean lines and crisp light of her interior shots make it easy to forget that you’ve been scrolling through pictures of just living rooms for half an hour. Real estate agents who may need a little help with staging rooms for showings can also take a few cues from Veronika’s expert eye and set ups. Times of day to photograph, number of items to place in the frame as well as the appropriate distance to shoot are all well exemplified throughout her account.

Christies Real Estate- International

If you’re selling luxury real estate then you need luxurious photographs that are going to make Instagram users draws drop. Christies International Real Estate understands this and has an Instagram account that rounds up some of the most awe inspiring homes all across the globe. Aside from their fantastic shots of places we’re dreaming of taking vacations to, Christies Real Estate takes advantage of branded hashtags like #luxuryrealestate and #christieshomes to categorize their images so you’ll remember who you need to call to schedule a viewing of your dream mega mansion right outside of Miami.

Living Room Realty- USA

If there’s one lesson we learned from Living Room Realty’s Instagram, it’s that a sunny, afternoon day is the perfect time to take an exterior listing picture. Something about their Instagram page just feels happy and instantly draws you in. They make great use of adding personal touches to their account by sharing employee shots and pictures from seminars or workshops they’ve attended. Unlike many other real estate Instagram accounts, they occasionally share videos to give their community personalized insights into who they are as a brand.

Dani Tofano- Canada 

With a perfect mix of personal and professional, we love Dani Tofano’s down to earth approach to her Instagram account. She makes great use of staged photos of upcoming homes for sale and uses them as sneak peaks before her listings actually go up. Another great way she draws her fans, followers and community in is by bookmarking her selling accomplishments; sharing images of homes she’s sold which strengthens her brand authority and expertise as a real estate agent in Ontario area. Aside from the outstanding real estate homes and interiors pictures, who could resist all those cute kids?

Matthew Regan Team- Canada 

The Matthew Regan Team is ranked in the top 10 real estate teams in Ontario. If we had to go by the strength of their Instagram account, then it’s instantly clear that their top spot status is for good reason. They make great use of easy, smartphone editing apps like Afterlight and Layout by presenting their followers with cool galleries of available homes for sale. Using a single image to show up to even 8 shots of a property is a great way to give a viewer or interested  buyer an instant overview of a property they’re considering. A scroll through their Instagram account shows that they take full advantage of the wide range of Instagram filters offered in app and apply those to listing pictures to really make them pop.

Whether you decide to dive into Instagram for the first time or are a seasoned user, the accounts we’ve featured all are unique and can be learned from. Challenge yourself and your team to come up with creative ways of using Instagram to connect with prospective buyers and sellers. Get personal with your community and use Instagram to add an edge to your real estate.

Happy Hashtagging!

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